Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Digital Fiction on the iPad

We're currently working on a new digital fiction project outside of Flash which targets the iPad as well as regular web browsers - using open source web technologies.

'Changed' based on a script by Lynda Williams features a heavy mix of audio, text and video woven into a Web App via HTML5 and CSS3, bypassing Apple's App submissions policy and Flash CS5's App export option. It will be possible to 'bookmark' the work and add it to the iPad's home screen where it can be launched - like a native App - at maximum resolution.

Whilst the creative restrictions of HTML5 and the iPad have been apparent - both showing an incredible desire to divide rather than mix multiple forms of media - we have bypassed almost every barrier to create an atmospheric work that follows the thoughts, experiences and memories of a girl who has been recently attacked and is hiding and reflecting beneath a roadway tunnel.

As previously mentioned, the piece will not be exclusively iPad-only. Standard cross-browser desktop versions are also under development which will utilise enhanced javascript code and take advantage of high rather than low powered processors.

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