Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Hypnagogic Trenches

"Dreaming Methods is a creepy excursion into the hypnagogic trenches: part waking, part wonder, part abyss. It is also an exercise in sustained stylistic grace and a profound engagement with digital literature. Over a decades`work, Andy Campbell has succeeded in developing a signature that combines sophisticated coding, narrative torque and aesthetic fastidiousness... The work aims not to sell or to shock but to shelter in homage, lost memories, latent dreams, bits and bandwidth, esoteric audio-visuals and intricate code. Swaying between being lost and feeling loss, it iterates (and exits) loops both computationally and emotionally."

Reflections on Dreaming Methods by multimedia poet David Jhave Johnston -

Dreaming Methods Labs now open

Nightingale's Playground available in HD resolution
Dreaming Methods Labs is an experimental site which showcases new in-progress works of digital fiction from Dreaming Methods. As well as offering intriguing glimpses of our latest work (currently including Changed and a special edition of Nightingale's Playground at high definition resolution) the site also features free source code (both Flash and open standards), links to a wide range of resources across the web, plus number of bizarre 'lost' projects that never quite made the final grade.