Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Dreaming Methods Reloaded

Screenshot from the new look website
We've just uploaded a new front end for Dreaming Methods that better reflects the type of fiction/media projects we've been developing for the last ten years.

The re-design sees a return to our customary darker colours and offers links to all our main work up-front as well as showcasing our latest adventures in a wide banner area. A short trailer featuring speedy screen captures is also accessible from the homepage.

We're now offering a more honed-down selection of resources including self-executable versions of some of our projects (Windows only so far), the original scripts from The Virtual Disappearance of Miriam and a 10mb ZIP file containing our entire Amiga archive for use with an emulator.

Within the next week or so we'll be launching Dreaming Methods Labs where our latest experiments can be freely downloaded and explored.