Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ebb & Flow

We’ve just finished working with Kate Pullinger on a new website called Ebb and Flow, a showcase of work that is the result of a collaboration between five Ipswich secondary schools, five digital writers, USC, and artsroute, an arts-in-schools project based in Ipswich.

Teachers, students and writers (Kate Pullinger, Tim Wright, Chris Meade and JR Carpenter) all worked together to create a large body of fantastically colourful and ambitious ‘new media stories’ which Dreaming Methods’ Andy Campbell then took away and wove into an interactive website.

The site was built using a mix of HTML, Javascript, Flash, jQuery and Google Maps. There are stories and poems embedded inside rubber ducks floating down the River Orwell; an interactive hand-drawn map littered with visual poems and dark fairy tales; a mouse-responsive 'Gazette' newspaper containing embedded video news reports and animations; and much more. This is a great project that we've thoroughly enjoyed working on.

Check out the kids' creativity on your desktop computer - or sample it on your smart phone - by visiting