Monday, 26 April 2010

New Work : Glimmer

A new visually rich short digital fiction work is now available to experience on Dreaming Methods called Glimmer. A small parcel containing a bizarre and seemingly meaningless object arrives one morning triggering an unexpected memory in the protagonist.

Prize for New Media Writing

Dreaming Methods' Andy Campbell is on the judging panel for a major new UK prize for new media writing - alongside Michael Bhaskar, Tim Wright, James Pope and Tracey McGarrigan. Poole Literary Festival have partnered with The Media School at Bournemouth University to establish the Prize, which will allow writers working with New Media to showcase their skills, provoke discussion and raise awareness of new media writing and the future of the written word. The competition is now open for entries. The deadline for entries is Midday, 15th September 2010.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Essential Digital Fiction Resource Pack

We've been having some great feedback to our first Resource Pack which is still available to buy via Paypal from the Dreaming Methods website for £19 ($29) with many buyers telling us that they are using elements of the code to enhance and redevelop their existing digital fiction projects.

Featuring the Flash source code of Capped, The Rut and Floppy, the digital download pack reveals how Dreaming Methods projects are assembled and contains a 9 page hints and tips document 'Dream Building'.

The Capped source code includes all of the original graphics files, compressed Flash video sequences and raw prose originally written for the piece, plus additional 3D renders and artwork of the alien machines that appear in the work. There are also 7 bonus source files - from an imaginary ocean to the basics of an atmospheric, mouse-responsive interface.

The graphics, material and source code in the Pack can be freely used or adapted for use in your own creations.

Click here to take a look.