Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Clearance launched

A new Dreaming Methods project is now available to experience - Clearance, a collaboration between film-maker Judi Alston and web artist Andy Campbell has been launched as part of the Year Zero One hosted exhbition "Vagus" alongside other new media/video works. Clearance is an atmospheric exploration of a state between sleep and consciousness. Based around a protagonist who believes he has witnessed a global apocalyptic event, the narrative unfolds through scrambled sound, imagery and video. Broadband is essential to view this piece (17mb) and Flash Player 8+ is required.

An article by Andy Campbell introducing amateur writers to the possibilities of digital fiction has been published by UK writing magazine "Writers' Forum". The piece outlines the potential of combining the written word with multimedia and how new e-book standards may soon change the way authors construct their stories. Read it here

Friday, 8 February 2008

Video Sequence

This video sequence of work archived at was shown at the recent talk by Andy Campbell at the IOCT Salon, DeMontFort University, Leicester.