Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Jawbone TV Feature

Dreaming Methods is featured as the lead article on Jawbone TV.

"In a space cluttered with useless information and mindless entertainment so easily accessible, Dreaming Methods has created a world where the user has to work to find the story and to find the meaning of that dream’s story... It’s the closest one can come to living inside of a painting - or someone else’s mind."

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andy - Glad to hear that Jawbone are fighting the good fight! Just to say I shared your work last week with 180 students at Leigh Academy of Technology in Dartford as part of a presentation/workshop on how digital technology is changing creative writing. You would have been so pleased to watch them reading Dim O'Gauble and The Flat - I've had loads of 14 year olds visiting my site and texting me to tell them again what your website is called - so if you get a lot of comments from teenagers, blame me! Looking forward to more!