Friday, 22 June 2007

New project under development

The next as of yet untitled Dreaming Methods project is now under full development and will feature a sprawling landscape/narrative with 3D effects that can be navigated in several different directions. In the story, an imaginative young boy starts to experience frightening visions which he talks about only to his grandmother, who worriedly recognises some of his experiences from her own troubled childhood. Told through a matrix of the boy's drawings and games superimposed against atmospheric graphics and video sequences, the project promises to be one of the most ambitious and compelling so far.

Dreaming Methods author Andy Campbell is currently working with poet/artist Maya Chowdhry on destinyNation, a digital narrative piece funded by Arts Council England. His role as mentor/advisor has extended into the development of a Flash interface and the design of publicity to advertise and promote the project.

Author Kate Pullinger recently invited Campbell to be a Guest Lecturer/Dissertation Mentor on Leicester University's MA course in Creative Writing and Digital Media this coming autumn. Students will discuss the work featured on Dreaming Methods and engage in an hour long Q&A chat session.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it! Sounds like you've been busy, mate. well done! i've just pulled myself out of crisis mode and am starting soemthing new (again)...